The North Bay wildfires have horrifically impacted thousands of people, including many of our sisters and brothers who are represented by ESC Local 20. Our hearts go out to those who have been affected by this tragedy.

Collective support of fellow union sisters and brothers is not limited to the workplace. As a union family, this is a time to come together to assist those of us who now are in need. ESC Local 20 represents workers at PG&E, Kaiser, Sonoma County, and other employers in the North Bay. If you know of any ESC Local 20 members who are in need of assistance, especially those who may have lost their homes, let us know by contacting

How to help or get help:

ESC 20 North Bay Fire Relief Fund: This member-to-member donation fund will first focus on the ESC Local 20 union families who have lost their homes. *Please note that these donations are personal gifts and are not tax-deductible contributions to a registered charity.

North Bay Labor Council: After significantly donating to recent hurricane victims, the NBLC Disaster Fund is in need of additional money to support local union members who have been impacted. You can help union members in the affected areas by donating online or sending a check to:

NBLC Union Members Emergency Relief Fund
2525 Cleveland Ave, Suite A
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

PG&E Members:

Vacation Sale Letter of Agreement with PG&E: ESC has approved an agreement to allow any member at PG&E to sell up to 40 vacation hours, which will be converted to cash and donated to your choice of the Red Cross or PSEA, which will coordinate distribution of funds to impacted PG&E employees.

PG&E Human Resources Support: PG&E HR is providing support for employees and their families to ensure their safety and well-being after the fires. For a full list of resources and policies that are available to assist impacted employees, including financial support, lodging, time off, and more call 1-800-788-2363, or after hours 1-415-973-6439.

Kaiser Members: 

KP Human Resources Support: A Regional Human Resources Command Center Employee Emergency Call Line  will be staffed 24 hours per day: (855) 599-9922. In addition, the Pinole Medical Office Building at 1301 Pinole Valley Road will serve as a centralized location for those who prefer in-person support for short term emergency support including accommodations, financial services and more.  Details can be found here.