Recent vacancies for the Offices of MPU Treasurer and for Districts 1 and 5 have created the need for a special election. Therefore, in accordance with the Medical Professional Unit Constitution of ESC/IFPTE Local 20, nominations are sought to fill the unexpired portion of their two-year term.

The nomination procedure is outlined below:

1. Candidates will download and fill out the nomination form. Nomination forms are available below or can be requested by emailing
2. Candidates will scan and e-mail the form to the unit area members in good standing of their choice.
3. Candidates can have their members in good standing add their signatures by printing out the form, signing
it, then scanning or sending a photo of the signed form back to the candidate via e-mail
– OR –
a member may register their “signature” on the form by responding to the candidate’s email containing
the nomination form stating,
“I, _____, hereby sign the nomination form sent to me by __________” in the email message.

MPU 2023 Nomination Form District 5

MPU 2023 Nomination Form Special Election Treasurer

MPU 2023 Nomination Form District 1