Below are Letters of Agreements (LOA’s), Memorandums of Understanding (MOU’s – which are essentially the same as LOA’s), and Review Committee decisions (RC’s) from the current and previous contract cycles.  For other documents and historical research, consult the ESC PG&E steward database or contact your Union Rep.

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MOU 14-02 Order Creation Arbitration Decision

Clarified that an Estimator or ADE must be called out for all SO205 incidents, and that only Estimators or ADE’s can create capital orders.

MOU 14-01 ARCOS Implementation

Laid out processes for PG&E’s use of the “ARCOS” software tool to call out Estimators and ADE’s for incident response, including EOT lists and “Annual Lists.”

RC 938 (Superseded): PMP Ratings Are Not Grievable

This said that PMP ratings themselves cannot be grieved; however this was changed in the 2016-19 contract and PMP ratings are now grievable.

RC 937 (Superseded): POT Cancellation 2-hr Minimum

2 hour minimum pay on Sunday when POT was cancelled on Sunday. Note: this decision was without precedent, but this issue was corrected in the 2016-19 contract.

RC 924 Upgrade Clarification

When upgraded to a higher classification, employees cannot be paid above the maximum pay for that classification.

RC 923 Gas Mapping Scanning Jurisdiction

Clerical Scanning Gas As-Builts settlement recognizes shared jurisdiction between Mapping and Clerical, but also allowed use of ESC Local 20 Engineering Assistants in the Gas Mapping Department to do “scanning and attributing” work.

RC 907 OT Meals Pre-Shift

Overtime meals are not due when an employee reports to prearranged overtime less than two hours prior to the start of their regular work hours on a regular workday.

RC 906 No Forced Ranking

The Company has committed not to engage in forced ranking of ESC represented employees, and the Company maintains this commitment.