Below are Letters of Agreements (LOA’s), Memorandums of Understanding (MOU’s – which are essentially the same as LOA’s), and Review Committee decisions (RC’s) from the current and previous contract cycles.  For other documents and historical research, consult the ESC PG&E steward database or contact your Union Rep.

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LOA 22-02 Union Leave Harland

This agreement provides a union leave of absence to Carl Harland until February 1, 2029.

LOA 22-01 Hiring Flexibility and Hiring Hall Conversion

This agreement is to fill any vacant entry-level Estimating positions through the unrestricted appointment process, with every fifth (5th) vacant position filled by the contractual bidding procedures, through calendar year 2022. Also modifies Exhibit C, Hiring Hall, so that by mutual local agreement, a Hiring Hall employee may be converted to a regular status classification.

LOA 21-21 Juneteenth as a Company Holiday

This LOA adds Juneteenth as a paid holiday, effective 2022.

LOA 21-20 Decommissioning Work Flexibility

This agreement establishes a pilot program to ensure that ESC-represented employees perform portions of the work associated with decommissioning the Diablo Canyon Power Plant. This agreement runs through August 31st, 2022, with an option to extend it to December 31st, 2022.

LOA 21-19 Sr. Estimators Checking Work Agreement Extension

This agreement extends LOA 20-20, which allows Senior Engineering Estimators to check the work of Engineering Estimators and other Senior Engineering Estimators, through December 31, 2022.

LOA 21-18 Amending Contractual Probationary Status Language

Agreement amends Section 13.5 of the CBA to comply with State and Federal regulations governing employee probationary periods when an employee goes out on a local, state, or federal statutory protected leave of absence lasting greater than 30 cumulative days.

MOU 21-B Electric ADE Exam Results

The 2021 Electric ADE exam will not count for those exam takers who failed the examination but attempted at least 10% of the required examination points. This is a one-time agreement.

LOA 21-17: Sr. Advising Engineer Clarifications

Clarifies that jobs must be posted as either Sr. Consulting Engineer (PE required) or Sr. Advising Engineer (no PE requirement). Cannot be posted as one and then changed to the other, or posted as both.

LOA 21-16: Sr. Consulting Power Generation Engineer

Changes minimum qualifications for Senior Consulting Power Gen Engineer from 20 years to 13 years of experience.

LOA 21-13 STIP, R&R, and Vacation Cash Out

Changes to 2021 STIP (no upper L, separate LOB scores); allows management R&R program for monthly members for 2021; permits vacation cashout for 2021 only.