The PG&E Unit Board is the governing body of ESC Local 20 represented PG&E employees. Representing over 4,000 professionals in more than 200 classifications, this is the largest bargaining unit in ESC Local 20. The PG&E Unit Board is made up of officers who are democratically elected members of ESC Local 20 and employees at PG&E. The officers-at-large are nominated and elected by the PG&E Unit members as a whole. The Area Vice Presidents are nominated by the members of the area they represent and are then elected by the membership of the Unit as a whole.

President John Mader
Executive Vice-President Joel Foster
Vice-President, Divisions Rene Vasquez
Vice-President, General Construction Andrew Johnson
Vice-President, General Office Roberto Gonzalez-Ramos
Vice-President, Nuclear Generation Joseph Anastasio
Alternate Vice-President, Nuclear Generation John Stearns
Secretary Linsday Barbato
Treasurer Caitlin Kniazewycz