ESC Local 20 represents more than 1,700 Clinical Lab Scientists and Medical Laboratory Technicians, Optometrists and Optometric Assistants, Genetic Counselors and Coordinators, and Home Health Physical, Speech, and Occupational Therapists at Northern California Kaiser Permanente Facilities. As a member of the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions, ESC Local 20 actively participates in the Labor-Management Partnership.

Clinical Lab Scientists, Medical Laboratory Technicians, Genetic Counselors and Genetic Coordinators are part of our Union’s Medical Professionals Unit.
Optometrists and Optometric Assistants are part of our Union’s Optometry Unit.

Medical Professional Unit Board Election
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Kaiser Steward Leaders
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Labor Management Partnership

Through the LMP, ESC Local 20 is a signatory to a National Agreement (2015 and 2019) that is bargained with the power of 80,000+ members of the Coalition to set wage increases, benefits, and detail the collaborative work of the Partnership. Additionally, ESC Local 20 negotiates local agreements for our four distinct bargaining units and their unique needs.

Ben Hudnall Memorial Trust

As a member of the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions, ESC Local 20 members can apply for a stipend for education and training programs, including continuing education requirements. The stipend includes up to 8 hours a week of paid time off and up to $16,000 per employee (lifetime benefit).