We are thrilled to announce a monumental moment in the history of our Partnership with Kaiser. We’ve secured an unprecedented deal that includes across-the-board (ATB) wage increases spanning all geographical regions in the Coalition.

ATBs: 6% in October 2023; 5% in October 2024; 5% in October 2025; 5% in October 2026 – the largest raise package in the history of the Kaiser Labor/Management Partnership.


Additionally, all Coalition members will receive a ratification bonus of $1,500 which comes after we vote to ratify the contract.


Several individual agreements have been reached, and we look forward to sharing all the details with you soon. We will host a town hall to present the language for these tentative agreements and address any questions you may have.


This achievement stands as a testament to the strength and unity of our Coalition. We made this victory possible together.

“It was a historic moment when the US Department of Labor Acting Secretary Julie Su arrived to support union workers in the largest negotiations for healthcare workers in the nation.” – Joan Mah


“After a long drawn-out process negotiating with Kaiser, I’m proud of all our wins. Standing united as a Coalition ensured that we reached this historic tentative agreement.” – Connie Savoy


“I learned so much from this process and am glad we fought back against the various takeaways Kaiser proposed throughout this bargaining cycle” – Sandra Prado


“It was so empowering to see the Coalition Union leaders stand together to achieve a historic one-tier across-the-board pay structure unheard of in the past. The energy and passion were evident throughout the entire process.” – Deb Deveno


“Our Coalition strength and solidarity were evident as each and every one of us stepped up to support all healthcare workers. We appreciate all of the support and hard work that stewards and members that helped us get to this point.” -Kathleen (KD) Doerr