Professionals represented by these contracts are part of the Union’s Medical Professionals Unit.
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Clinical Laboratory Scientists & Registered Nurses at PAMF Palo Alto, Fremont, San Carlos, Redwood City, & Los Altos:

Clinical Lab Scientists and Registered Nurses are separate bargaining units with separate contracts addressing each group’s unique needs and issues.

Registered Nurses at PAMF Santa Cruz:

20 Oncology and Hematology RNs joined ESC Local 20 in 2017, expanding our geographical representation of health professionals working at PAMF.

Advanced Practice Clinicians at PAMF Santa Cruz:

In 2018, more than 60 Nurse Midwives, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Optometrists, at PAMF Santa Cruz joined ESC Local 20 expanding the range of professionals represented in the Union.

Registered Nurses at PAMF Mountain View and Sunnyvale:

In 2019, RNs in the Oncology and Infusion Clinics decided to stand together as a union knowing there was much to gain. Issues of unfair pay practices, high workload, and management favoritism were the driving forces to unionize. Now, those RNs are enjoying some of the positive results they achieved through their unity after settling their first contract in 2021.

Advanced Practice Clinicians at PAMF Bay Area Walk-in Clinic:

In 2020, 35 nurse practitioners and physician assistants followed their colleagues from Santa Cruz in becoming the second group of Sutter APCs to join the Union. This group works at 13 Clinics across the North, East, and South Bay Areas. Walk-in Care Clinics represent a fast-growing segment of direct patient care for Sutter. 

Palo Alto Medical Foundation is a Sutter Health Affiliate.