Below are Letters of Agreements (LOA’s), Memorandums of Understanding (MOU’s – which are essentially the same as LOA’s), and Review Committee decisions (RC’s) from the current and previous contract cycles.  For other documents and historical research, consult the ESC PG&E steward database or contact your Union Rep.

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LA-22-24-ESC – Fil Falciglia Vacation Sales

LA-22-24-ESC – Fil Falciglia Vacation Sales

LOA-22-20-ESC PUV Conversion to TOWPWP

LOA_22-20-ESC_PUV conversion to TOWPWOP ESC and PG&E have entered into this agreement to preserve the ability of ESC-represented members to observe up to 40 hours of unpaid time off in any calendar year while ensuring that legitimate company business needs are protected. The company is ceasing the PUV program, which replaces it for the ESC.

MOU_SNBR Bidding Clarification

MOU_SNBR Bidding Clarification ESC and PG&E have entered into this agreement to memorialize the “D” bidding rights of ESC represented employees into the SNBR classification that have previously held the classification.  This corrects an oversight that previously identified them as “G” bidders.

LA-22-22-ESC_ETTGC Conversion to the JTC

Signed_LA-22-22-ESC_ETTGC Conversion to the JTC ESC & PG&E have entered into this agreement to memorialize the mutually beneficial creation of this joint oversight committee with responsibilities related to ESC represented employee training programs and professional development.

LA_22-18-ESC (Modification of SO205 – Specified Grade 2 & 3 Gas Leaks as POST estimate eligible)

This MOU memorializes the agreement between the ESC & PG&E to reclassify qualifying Grade 2 & 3 Gas Leaks as “POST” estimate eligible. This agreement was entered into by the Company & ESC to provide Gas Construction greater portfolio flexibility in managing day to day operations and available shovel ready work. It also contains provisions enhancing the role of estimating related to “POST” estimate quality control reviews.

Senior Engineering Estimator Examination

Signed_MOU_SREE Post Exam Review-ESC_8-23-2022

LOA 22-17-ESC Remote Work From Home Agreement

The Union and management reached an agreement that makes continuing to work remote possible for all ESC members.

MOU 2022-B Supplier Quality Inspection Engineer – Texas

This MOU expands a mutual understanding of the language in LOA 19-10 and identifies the situation in which a Sourcing Quality Inspection Engineer is able to work in Houston, Texas, to meet the needs of PG&E’s business in Texas.

LOA 22-15 Voluntary Severance Packages

ESC-represented employees will be eligible for “Voluntary Severance Packages” subject to the same conditions as management employees. This is a voluntary offering & is administered by the Company.

MOU 2022-A Sourcing Specialist Contract Extension

Due to an unanticipated workload in the Sourcing Department, ESC has agreed to the Company’s request to a short-term extension for two temporary employees.