Homeless Action Center provides free legal services to unhoused residents of Alameda County and is a bargaining unit of nearly 50 attorneys, advocates, and support staff.

The HAC Organizing Committee began organizing with us in February 2020 right before the pandemic hit. When the shelter in place orders came in effect - and HAC professionals had to continue working in the field and in court - the OC decided to put the organizing drive on hold. The campaign resumed in August and quickly reached supermajority. After initially receiving a positive response from the HAC executive director in an effort to win voluntary recognition, negotiations quickly took a turn for the worse.

The HAC OC demonstrated the same professionalism and grace they offer their clients, the most at-risk residents of Alameda County, when confronted with HAC management’s blatant interference in the organizing drive. They wrote regular updates to colleagues, held town hall meetings, and conducted regular 1:1 assessments of supporters and maintained a 75% rate of support.

Through a negotiated card check agreement, HAC became the seventh legal service nonprofit to join the ESC family.

Professionals represented by this contract are part of the Union’s Government, Administrative, Technical Unit.