ESC Local 20 provides a Hiring Hall for temporary positions at PG&E in ESC Local 20 represented classifications and gives many qualified applicants a foot in the door to a great career at PG&E.  ESC Local 20 and PG&E created the Hiring Hall to extend the high union standards already established in these positions to a new group of employees and to protect against the erosion of quality, full-time positions by the overuse of contractors.

How The Hiring Hall Works

How Can I Get on the Hiring Hall’s List for a Temporary Position?

  1. Fill out the online Application Form
  2. Pass the required PG&E tests for that position ( Most entry level positions require one or all of following) WOI, PTB and Tech test
  3. Promptly reply to any offered positions
  4. Once the assignment has ended, contact the Hiring Hall to inform them you are available for work again

Want more information on how to get in the Hiring Hall? Get more details and read the Hiring Hall By-Laws.

Will I Receive Healthcare Coverage?

National healthcare law mandates that PG&E must offer medical insurance to temporary employees who do not have coverage. If medical insurance is accepted, temporary employees’ pay-in-lieu-of-benefits is reduced and temporary employees’ must contribute their Healthcare Premium. PG&E is currently offering Anthem Blue Cross.

What if I am a PG&E Retiree Receiving Retiree Healthcare Benefits?

Retirees going back to work in a temporary position at PG&E have two options:

  1. If the job is offered through the Hiring Hall, retirees must dis-enroll from retiree healthcare benefits, and either:

•  Accept the PG&E healthcare plan and receive $3.86/hour pay-in-lieu-of-benefits.

•  Refuse the PG&E healthcare plan if covered by some other non-PG&E healthcare and receive an additional $8.22/hour pay-in-lieu-of-benefits

2. If the job is offered through the Canus Corporation, a decision made at PG&E’s discretion, retirees may maintain their PG&E retiree healthcare benefits and the extra $8.22/hour pay-in-lieu-of-benefits. Retirees placed in temporary positions in this manner will still be active members of the Union and required to pay Union dues.

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