Over 4,600 professionals at PG&E in Northern California from Bakersfield to Eureka, San Francisco to Auburn are proud members of ESC Local 20. Engineers, estimators, mappers, hydro and nuclear generation professionals, project managers, and many more make up the 300+ classifications that do the important work to maintain and modernize the systems and keep the public utility safe. ESC Local 20 is the second-largest union at PG&E.

Looking to join ESC Local 20 at PG&E? Please check www.joinlocal20.org for more information.

Professionals represented by this contract are part of the Union’s PG&E Unit.

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Building on a 50+ year labor-management relationship, PG&E members negotiate strong contracts and participate in Labor-Management committees. We partner with management to enhance safety, efficiency, and working conditions. Our contract provides career advancement, wide-ranging job opportunities, fair wages, excellent benefits, and a voice on the job. More PG&E professionals are organizing to join ESC Local 20 every day, cementing our power and strength in our workplace and professions.