As the end of the year approaches, it’s that time again to make the most of your accrued vacation days. Our contract provides that on the first day of the year, we are limited to two years of vacation allotment accumulation. Vacation time that exceeds a two-year allotment may not be paid if members have been told to utilize their vacation balances, were given the opportunity to take vacation, and chose not to do so.

Since many members have extensive amounts of vacation and taking large amounts of vacation can potentially affect your work responsibilities, the Union advises that you communicate any such concerns with your supervisor. The Union also recommends that you document your communications to your supervisor regarding the potential of your work impacts during your approved vacation. This practice is even more important if you choose to take a large amount of intermittent vacation to reduce your vacation balance.

If you are unable to take vacation because of extenuating circumstances, which may include an approved leave of absence or operational reasons please document them. The Union anticipates that claiming paid excess vacation because of operational reasons will be especially challenging. If you plan to do so please contact your Union Representative, or for other issues, by clicking the link below.