General Steward Training

ESC Local 20, IFPTE Stewards’ Manual

Family Leave in California (MPU 2016 Meeting)


PG&E Stewards Training Modules

Module 1: Union Structure, Governance, History and Labor Management, Dues

Module 2: Grievance Procedure, Problem Solving

Module 3: Discipline and Investigations, Weingarten rights

Module 4: Jurisdiction (other employees doing your work, contracting out)

Module 5: Vacation, Leaves, Temp Assignments/Upgrades, Hiring Hall

Module 6: Bidding, Selections, Displacements, Service

Module 7: Hours, Meals, Overtime, Travel Time

ESC-PG&E Interview Panel Guidelines

ESC-PG&E Overpayment Guidelines


Administrative Forms

ESC L20 Member Loss Wage form (2023)

ESC Reimbursement of Expenses Form (2023)