These past months have been severely trying times, as we have risked our lives and the lives of our families to come to work every day. We all have vital roles on the healthcare delivery team, and we’re united for the safety of our co-workers, our families, our patients, and our communities.

We are asking Kaiser Permanente to treat the Performance Sharing Program (PSP) Bonus as a Hero Bonus and commit to paying the full amount of at least 3% of our salaries for every member of the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions.

Kaiser can readily afford the Hero Bonus, as the company had $7.4 billion in profits in 2019 and $4.5 billion in profits from April to June of 2020 alone. They’re also sitting on billions more in cash and investments. Without our hard work and dedication, Kaiser would not have achieved such unprecedented growth and financial success.

The Hero Bonus would not only reward workers’ resilience and courage but also make sure Kaiser has the workforce necessary to successfully take on the challenges ahead.

Sign the pledge below in support of the Hero Bonus.