Republicans in Congress are moving quickly to take away health care benefits from millions of families by repealing the Affordable Care Act and replacing it with a plan that will eliminate the health benefits of millions of people, give a huge tax break to millionaires, and hit working people with a permanent tax on their health benefits.

We’re hearing that they want to ram this bill through quickly to hold a final vote on it in the House by the end of the month, so the Senate can take it up in April. We need to act now.  Sign the petition below to tell Congress you oppose plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act!



Fact Sheet: Our Healthcare at Risk, The House Republican Proposal (March 6, 2017) Costs More and Covers Less

  • Less Coverage, Higher Costs, Lower Subsidies, Fewer Benefits: For those who buy coverage on the individual market, the proposal explicitly raises copays and deductibles while reducing financial help to pay for premiums and cost sharing—and cut benefits by eliminating the floor on benefits.
  • Medi-Cal: Seniors, Children, Adults, and the Disabled Coverage Capped: The biggest impacts of the House Republican proposal would be to Medi-Cal, which currently covers 14.1 million Californians, over one-third of our state.
  • Reducing Care and Coverage for Low- and Moderate-Income People to Fund a Massive Tax Break for the Wealthiest and the Health Industry: The proposal repeals a long list of taxes on the affluent and the health care industry, benefitting those with incomes above $200,000 and drug companies, health insurers and other parts of the health care industry while taking away benefits from millions of people.
  • Danger for Medicare: The revenues and reforms in the ACA extended the life and solvency of the Medicare program—repealing the ACA Medicare taxes on the affluent would negatively impact Medicare.