Our final bargaining session with Kaiser was supposed to conclude yesterday. Despite our ongoing efforts to negotiate, we were unfortunately unable to come to an agreement. As a result, both parties have committed to working through the weekend and into Monday until we reach an agreement.

In a concerning development, we received only a handful of counter proposals from Kaiser, a stark contrast to the 24 proposals we presented. This limited response from Kaiser highlights the gravity of the situation.

We remain dedicated to doing whatever it takes to secure the contract we deserve. The Coalition leaders are tirelessly working to protect our best interests as workers. We will continue to keep you informed.

Stand in unity and join our Town Hall next Wednesday, September 27th, from 6-7pm. Your participation and input are crucial during this critical phase of negotiations.

In Unity – your Kaiser national bargaining team,

Connie Savoy
Joan Mah
Debbie Deveno
Kathleen Doerr
Sandra Prado Nava
Francisco Preciado