Long-time steward, bargaining team member, and overall staunch supporter of ESC Local 20, Pete “Petey” Miskovich will be dearly missed by his union family. Pete was a Principal Gas Mapper out of Sacramento and was always there as ESC’s “go-to” for gas mapping-related issues. Pete represented his fellow Mappers at PG&E for decades and always spoke truthfully and powerfully about the importance of their work. His work signature closed with UNION YES!  

Pete vigorously protected the profession of Mapping and advocated for mapping work to be done right, as it is essential to public safety. Long before the San Bruno gas explosion cast a spotlight on the vital importance of gas records, Pete spoke out about the importance of having accurate maps of the gas system. After San Bruno, Pete’s voice and expertise was recognized, and he led many efforts to improve record-keeping, training for mappers, and work procedures.  He educated everyone at PG&E, from construction foremen to Vice Presidents, that “a job isn’t finished until it’s been mapped.” Pete understood that it is essential for Mappers to keep up with all the changes in technology, meaning both the mapping tools and the construction processes.  He was not afraid of change. Instead of opposing new technologies like CAD and GIS, he fought to get proper training for himself and all his colleagues to master the new systems and hold onto their jobs in the constantly changing world of PG&E’s processes. He never stopped learning or sharing what he knew; indeed, he was the lead expert for re-writing all of PG&E’s Gas Mapper training curriculum more than once.

Pete received the Ben Hudnall Award in 2016, the union’s highest honor, for his commitment to and work with the union. He served on the union’s general PG&E bargaining committee — negotiating changes to critical benefits affecting the entire membership, such as health care, retirement, vacation, etc. — for multiple contract cycles. He was the union’s main witness in numerous arbitration cases. His expert testimony won several cases for ESC since it was evident that he knew more about mapping than the management witnesses. He was skillful in resolving issues before arbitration and helped the union negotiate through many changes to the Mapping profession. And as a shop steward, he represented individual members experiencing poor treatment in the workplace. Everyone in the Sacramento office knew that Pete was a fierce union fighter who would stand up to any supervisor or higher-level manager. There is no question his efforts benefited all ESC Local 20 PG&E members and resulted in more fairness in the workplace. 

Pete recently retired and was a wonderful person. He leaves behind his dear wife Carol and two children, Tara and Nick. We are so thankful to have known and worked with him.