We did it! After months of negotiations, we are proud to announce that ESC Local 20 and Centro Legal De La Raza have reached a 2-year Collective Bargaining Agreement. This historic successor contract builds on gains we made in our first CBA (2019-2021) and Extension Agreement (2021-2022). It boosts pay by 8.2%-15.9% in 2022 and 13.3%-23.9% over the life of the contract, with the lowest-paid employees receiving the largest raises. This contract provides more paid time off, continues remote work flexibility, expands benefits, prioritizes safe workplaces, and so much more.

This contract was ratified last week with a 97% YES vote! Your Centro Legal bargaining team couldn’t be more proud.

See the tentative agreement and summary below.

Centro Legal de la Raza TA 2022

Centro Legal TA Summary 2022