We did it! We have UNANIMOUSLY ratified the first EBCLC contract that achieves all of our key bargaining priorities!

After almost two years of negotiations, including negotiating during a pandemic, we are pleased to have reached this settlement, which respects and rewards the important work you all do and will help retain and attract staff. Some key wins include:

  • Wages raised to market rates based on relevant sister organizations and salary floor moved to $50,000
  • A fair, transparent, and clear wage scale based on experience and years of service to avoid pay inequities creating a strong foundation for future across-the-board the increases
  • Average individual salary increase of 15% 
  • More time off, including additional holidays and sabbatical leave after five years!
  • Alternative work schedules and telecommuting options
  • Hour-per-hour comp time off for exempt staff who work more than 45 hours a week
  • New senior titles
  • New dispute resolution process
  • Regular opportunities to meet with the employer and address workplace issues via a new Labor-Management Committee
  • Protection from unjust discipline or retaliation through a fair and impartial Grievance Process that culminates with a final decision from a neutral arbitrator
  • Workload and capacity will be a regular part of check-ins with supervisors 

Detailed Summary

Full text of TA (draft form and final grammar/punctuation clean up completed after ratification)

Salary Scales

We have seen the power of standing together as a union. These tentative agreements that will make up your first contract are just another testament to that power. We intend to build on these initial achievements and negotiate additional improvements in our next contract, but we are very proud of these first steps.

Your support — and actions — gave us the power we needed at the table to reach this point. Thank you for all you have done to bring about this significant victory.

Congratulations to all!

Your bargaining team,
Jassmin, Fernando, Jelitza, Sabyl, Johanna, and Linda