Last year, seventy-five members advanced in their careers through the union-negotiated annual promotion process. Once annually, members across various monthly classifications become eligible for promotion to the next level in their classification by simply submitting their resumes and an application.

In 2023, 200 candidates applied and were evaluated for promotion by panels comprising two ESC members and two managers. Out of the 200 candidates, roughly 60% were recommended for promotion, with most receiving unanimous recommendations. The Lines of Businesses created openings for 75 members. These advancements were completed by Dec. 1, 2023.

Submissions were accepted during the summer, and final recommendations from the panels were made by November. A total of 82 ESC members served as panelists.

John Mader, President of ESC stated, “I extend congratulations to those who have been promoted and heartfelt gratitude to the volunteers who served as panel members. Their dedication is integral to the success of this process.”

Roberto Gonzalez-Ramos, the PG&E Unit’s Vice President, General Office, Joe Anastasio, the PG&E Unit’s Vice President of Nuclear Generation, and staff member Ken Thorbourne led this ESC initiative.

The annual promotion process will kick off again this year on June 15th. For more information, please check under the Toolkit on the Labor Relations intranet page in the folder titled ESC Monthly Advancement Process.

Francisco Preciado, ESC Executive Director