In 2019, our Union and Kaiser agreed to open the Clinical Lab Scientist/Medical Laboratory Technician Contract for local bargaining. ESC members took a lot of actions to push back on Kaiser’s greed. Through the actions, the ESC Bargaining Team got the power it needed to secure a new contract with improvements that respect the important work done by lab professionals. During bargaining, the Union won an increased shift differential for evening and night shifts for all ESC represented lab professional classifications, among other gains.  

After bargaining concluded, Kaiser failed to pay CLS’s the improved shift differential. Kaiser took the position that they only agreed to improve shift differential for MLTs. The Union filed a grievance and pursued it through all steps of the grievance process. The bargaining team took excellent notes and was prepared to show evidence of the deal the parties made. Just before the arbitration hearing, Kaiser agreed to settle with the Union, acknowledging that the new language on evening and night shift differential applies to CLSs and MLTs. 

The change in differentials should have commenced on April 11, 2021. Please check your paychecks and notify your union representative if the appropriate, higher differential does not appear.  

Thank you to Dan Lucido, Chief Counsel, for leading our legal efforts on this issue, and to all those who diligently hold Kaiser accountable to their agreements. Additional thanks to Connie Savoy, Lucy Chiala, Matt Nawrocki, Karen Sutton, and Sandra Prado, ESC Local 20’s 2019 Local Laboratory Bargaining Committee, for securing this win and keeping the appropriate records to defend it!