May 22-26th is a week of action for all 85,000 Coalition union members! Are you ready?

Coalition remote members are using Zoom background and email signatures to show Kaiser, our patients, and each other that we must end the staffing crisis by securing a national agreement that attracts and retains healthcare workers by:

  • Raising healthcare worker pay
  • Fixing broken hiring processes
  • Making a massive investment in education and training
  • Maintaining benefits


We expect Kaiser to say they don’t have the money, but we know better. Their net worth is $58.9 Billion—an increase of $24B since our last contract—meanwhile, they refuse to pay out our full PSP even when we earned it.

During the week of action, join your sisters and brothers working at the facilities who are wearing stickers and buttons on the job to show management how organized we are and our capacity to do other large-scale, nationally coordinated actions. It also shows we can count on each other. 

This action signals to our patients and the community that we are fighting for better staffing to improve patient care, and it gives us a chance to talk to them about it.

We need everyone to participate in it to show Kaiser that we stand firmly behind our bargaining teams as they advocate with Kaiser leadership for our interests. 

Can we count on you to use our Zoom background and email signature next week?


What if my manager asks me to take down my Zoom background?

You have a right to wear a union button just like you have a right to wear a sports team

lanyard or a Kaiser pin. Contact your steward or union rep immediately if that happens.

What if my patient or manager asks me about my Zoom background or what it


Tell them the truth: 85,000 healthcare workers are bargaining for better staffing to

address worker burnout and improve patients’ access to quality care.


Teams Background Upload Instructions

  • Download the Zoom background image below.
  • While you’re setting up your video and audio before joining a meeting, turn on your camera and select Video effects, more video effects.
  • Select add new and then select one to upload from your computer. Make sure it’s a. JPG, PNG, or. BMP file.

Change your background during a meeting

  • Go to the top of your meeting screen and select More actions Microsoft Teams more options icon > Video effects Background settings.
  • Select add new and pick a . JPG, PNG, or. BMP file from your computer.
  • To turn off background effects, select the None Option for turning off background effects.
  • Select Preview to see how your chosen background looks before you apply it, and then select Apply.

GC/GCC Zoom Background Image

Home Health Zoom Background Image

Email Signatures For KP Email Instructions

  • Save the signature image to your computer. 
  • In Outlook, add the signature to your email image by going to File > Options > Mail > Signatures.
  • Under the E-mail Signature tab, select the signature you already use or select “New.”
  • In the Edit signature section, place the cursor where you want the image (e.g. after your name).  
  • Select Insert Picture (the icon next to “Business Card”), choose the ESC image from wherever you saved it, and select Insert. 

GC/GCC Email Signature Image

Home Health Email Signature Image