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Negotiations on Potential Re-Org of GDPM&E at PG&E to Begin

Last week, Management approached ESC about potential re-organization of the “GDPM&E” department, formerly GDED.  The PG&E Unit Board of the Union decided to engage with management to see if an agreement can be reached resulting in mutual gains.

Potential Impacts
  • Re-organize local HQ Gas Distribution Engineering work from Divisions to “Workstreams,” except for work already being done in RMC’s (including San Ramon) or any Gas Transmission work.
  • Affect Estimators, ADE’s, Gas DE’s and Senior DE’s (who are now ESC represented).  Gas PM’s and PCA’s in the department are not being considered for re-organization at this time.
  • Affect Gas Estimators/ADE’s in Service Planning or Gas Transmission, and Gas DE’s in Gas System Planning, in Headquarters where they are comingled with GDPM&E in the same bid code.
No Layoffs or Bumping
There would be no “bumping” (i.e. displacement of employees in other unaffected headquarters) because this process is based on section 22.9 of the contract (“relocation other than for lack of work”) instead of section 22.3 (displacement due to lack of work).  The company has said that they have no intent for any layoffs at this time.
Next Steps
The Board appointed the following committee to represent the GDPM&E workforce:
John Mader, ESC President Lucy Andino, Gas ADE, Bishop Ranch
Carl Harland, Sr Gas Estimator, Chico Erik Kvist, Gas ADE, Concord
An Lam, Sr Gas DE, San Carlos Mario Melendez, Gas ADE, San Jose (Cinnabar)
Viktorija Samardzic, Gas DE, Hayward Sergio Tonarelli, Gas ADE, Modesto
Andrew Wieszczyk, Sr Gas DE, Santa Rosa
The Union committee will investigate the safety, efficiency, and compliance implications of re-organizing work in this way with the goals of protecting members’ location and employment security and the professional integrity of our classifications.  We will keep members informed of the progress of these negotiations.