After ESC Local 20 HCA members filed grievances, demanded to bargain, sent emails to the CEOs at both hospitals, signed petitions, and bargained over the impacts of the notice of the 401k reductions, we beat back HCA’s plans to reduce the employer portion of the 401k Matching.

HCA is one of the world’s wealthiest hospital chains and this effort to take the healthcare heroes risking their lives for others during this pandemic embodied the worst of for-profit healthcare greed. HCA made over $7 billion in profits over the past two years and is currently worth $36 billion. Last year, CEO Samuel Hazen made over $26 million in compensation. This spring, HCA received $1 billion in federal grants, making it the largest beneficiary of health care bailout funds. HCA’s move to reduce 401(k) Matching clearly was not born from financial need. 

Thank you to all the members for participating in the actions above and to our Sisters and Brothers at CNA and at SEIU for fighting this issue with us. When we stand up and fight together, we win.