Our primary mission as a union is to advocate for the economic security of our members and their families.  The California Labor Federation and local Labor Councils share this commitment.  These organizations interview candidates and research ballot initiatives, and make endorsements and recommendations to support those who support our working families.

We encourage all of our members to vote.  Participation is critical to our democracy. As you prepare to cast your ballots, here are some resources to help you elect leaders who stand with us on the issues that impact our unions’ diverse and growing membership:


Additionally, ESC Local 20 supports specific candidates through our Legislative Education and Action Program Fund, including these two who are in close races right now.  Please consider casting your vote for these two union-approved candidates.

Tony Thurmond
for Superintendent of Public Instruction
Jovanka Beckles
for Assembly District 15
  • Fights for increased funding for our public schools to shrink class sizes, provide early-education and afterschool programs, and hire more teachers
  • Supported by Labor Unions, the California Federation of Teachers, the California Nurses Association, and the California Democratic Party
  • Has deep roots as a former school board member who oversaw truancy prevention and school-based mental health programs
  • Spearheaded the Richmond City Council’s move to raise Richmond’s minimum hourly wage to $15
  • Has worked on trailblazing efforts to prevent homeowners from foreclosure and eviction, and otherwise addressed the housing crisis in the Bay Area
  • Has never taken contributions from corporations or billionaires, and never will
www.tonythurmond.com www.jovanka.org


Want to volunteer to Get Out the Vote? Please join ESC Local 20 on: 

Contact Jonathan Wright, Political Coordinator for more info or to RSVP at jwright@nullifpte20.org

Is any dues money used for ESC Local 20’s political program? 

The support that we provide to political candidates for office is funded exclusively by voluntary contributions to the Legislative Education and Action Program Fund — no union dues money goes towards this purpose. Many of our employers contribute millions of dollars to politicians or ballot measures so they can influence the political process. The LEAP Fund supports legislative efforts that protect the interest of the labor movement and working families. And we contribute to candidates who will work to serve our union’s members. Through LEAP and the collective impact of the voluntary donations of our members, we can make sure that our union’s voice is heard as well.

Contact Jonathan Wright, Political Coordinator for more info at jwright@nullifpte20.org