The third session of National Bargaining is ending today on a hopeful note as we made significant progress in our critical discussions concerning our Labor Management Partnership. We presented Kaiser with strong and formal proposals regarding PSP and the future of the partnership.

Our Proposal to Kaiser (click here for full proposal):

PSP. We made it very clear. We expect guaranteed minimum payouts every year, and we expect that management will share our goals and payouts so we never again have the situation where our bosses get a bonus for the work we did.

Staffing. Building on our agreement with Kaiser to hire 10,000 new workers into Coalition positions by the end of 2023, we proposed language around reducing registry work, creating paid externships, investing in training, and removing even more of the experience barriers Kaiser workers are facing to “grow our own” at Kaiser.

Growth. We all want to see Kaiser grow and expand. But any new workers that come in under the Kaiser umbrella – whether it’s here in California or in Pennsylvania or wherever! – have to be part of the partnership and have the right to come together into a union.

“Management said they are committed to the Partnership. They are aware that work needs to be done. I pray that we will all have the courage to change the things we need for our Partnership to thrive for years to come.” – Joan Mah, ESC Executive Board Vice President of the Optometry Unit (right)

“We are fighting for the life of the partnership. Coalition leaders are leading the way, reminding management of our history and collective power, highlighting the path to jointly re-envision the partnership for the 21st century. I hope that management is listening and that their nods of approval and agreement are not just lip service.” – Deb Deveno, Optometry Unit President (left)


We encourage you to remain united and committed as we continue these important discussions. Your National Bargaining Team is working diligently to advocate for your interests. Stay tuned for upcoming updates as we continue our discussions with management.