Dear APCs,

As you may know, Sutter recently announced changes to the way walk-in clinics handle COVID PUIs, stating that clinic doors will be unlocked “unless SHEMS guidance or management directs the doors to be locked.”

Your bargaining committee demanded Sutter negotiate over these changes, and at this week’s bargaining session, Sutter agreed to these proposals created by the Union:

  1. The clinic doors CAN be locked when the lobby is at capacity or when there is only one MA at the clinic. Sutter management also said that MAs can place patients in exam rooms or ask people to wait outside if they can’t maintain six feet of distance in the lobby.
  2. Sutter will post a sign that lists the maximum number of people permitted to be in each clinic lobby based on maintaining six feet of space between individuals. The maximum number may vary depending on the size of the lobby.
  3. Sutter will also post signs in the lobby regarding “no harassment,” and they agreed to place the “stop, wait here for assistance” sign on a stanchion at eye level so that it is more easily visible to visitors. These signs have been ordered.
  4. Sutter also ordered new decals to be placed on the floor to remind people to space six feet apart.
  5. Sutter confirmed that APCs will NOT see COVID-positive patients, which is the current practice.

We are in the process of confirming these agreements in writing but in the meantime, we wanted to make sure you knew about them for your health and safety. If you have any questions or concerns about these PUI changes, please let us know.

In unity,

Your Bargaining Committee:

Melissa Slalski
Aphrodite Roberts
Kamaljit Kaur
Vickie Perez
Brooke Merrin
Wei-Ling Huber
Nicole Teixeira