Oncology RNs were working under terrible working conditions, often missing breaks/meal periods without compensation and for the last 2.5 years, they collectively organized for better working conditions in many ways, including at the bargaining table. After 29 bargaining sessions, they reached an Agreement that was recently ratified. Additionally, they collectively filed a lawsuit for paid time they were owed from missed breaks/meal periods that resulted not only in huge settlement but also full breaks and meal periods during their work days.

To get to this victory, it took perseverance and action from the RNs. RNs stood strong in the face of delay tactics and low-ball proposals at the bargaining table. On July 1, the RNs took matters into their own hands holding their first informational picket.  Many RNs expressed that they were nervous to go out and picket but, afterwards they said that it was easy and they were ready to do it again.  This action was transformative, moving a group RNs who were shy about “the Union” to RNs saying that the Union is the best thing that had happened to them. They now feel connected, collectively empowered, and strong through the Union they have built together.

Contact Highlights: The Union Difference

  • Wages: Gains were significant and some individuals are going up as much as 12.75% in the first year of the contract; this is in contrast the 2.5% annual increases this group was receiving before the unionizing.
  • Differentials of 10% for Saturday and 15% for Sunday work; 10% for Charge RNs; 10% for Trainer/Preceptor assignment
  • Job Postings: The Employer will give first priority to bargaining unit RNs for filling of lateral vacancies.
  • Grievance Procedure: We are no longer employees at will!  Rather, an RN may only be disciplined or discharged if the Employer has just cause that may be enforced through the arbitration process.
  • Reimbursement of Professional Licensure/Certification Fees and Membership Dues: Up to $400 reimbursement.

Full text of New Agreement.