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Working to Expand Locations, Exploring Job Description of Possible New NBR Classification

Note: These negotiations are currently for employees in Service Planning and Design. Gas Estimators at Bishop Ranch may not be affected.

In the past two weeks, sub-committees have met to discuss Locations and the New Business Rep (“NBR”) classification:

Locations: ESC is still trying to understand the Company’s reasons for consolidation. ESC is asking the Company to expand its list of proposed Design Centers, and to come up with ways to mitigate impacts from attempting to consolidate Estimators into Design Centers. Both the Union and the Company spent a lot of time compiling lists of employees’ home addresses and mapping them to current and proposed locations, in order to understand how many employees might face longer commute times under various scenarios.

No agreements were reached over potential locations or any other issue.

NBR: Focusing on the job description, it was agreed that an NBR would function much like an SNBR, but on smaller jobs. The committee went into great detail on establishing the boundaries of what types of jobs could be done by NBR’s, and full agreement has not yet been reached on this. The other main topic of discussion was field checking, in which the Union was pleased to hear from Management that Estimators would retain the right to field check job sites when they think it is necessary.

Again, no final agreements were made.

Thank You Survey Takers: The Union appreciates all the feedback from employees. More than 400 responses to the online survey have helped guide your Ad Hoc committee representatives in this process. If you have questions or comments about the ongoing negotiations with Service Planning, please email

Next Steps: The “Tools and Processes” sub-committee is scheduled to meet August 3 and 4.