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Service Planning Talks Ongoing, No Agreements Made

Note: These negotiations are currently for employees in Service Planning and Design. Gas Estimators at Bishop Ranch may not be affected.

On August 14th, a “SP&D Advancement Program Highlights” email was sent to employees on which management used the ESC logo without the permission of the Union. Unfortunately, some members thought this implied an agreement with the Union but that is not accurate.

To date, although our committees are continuing to meet with management and, in fact, are making some progress, there have been no agreements reached with management.

The Union’s top priorities continue to be:

  • Protect employees against relocation beyond a commutable distance. Mitigate impacts on employees by having the Company offer location options, additional compensation, and other methods.
  • Maintain job integrity of Estimator, ADE, SNBR and IPE job duties.
  • Try to make new business processes workable and effective.
  • Reach agreement on allowing alternative work schedules and other improvements.

The Board of the Union has approved a Letter of Agreement to establish new bid codes for a pilot of specialized Estimating teams. The Pilot Program allows members to know “who is who” and give a fair opportunity for all employees to bid for these positions with knowledge about what the job is. These specialized teams will be filled only by temporary assignments for the term of the Pilot, which will make sure that when and if regular positions are to be filled, all members will have all the information they need to make the best bidding decisions for themselves and their families. Additionally, it ensures that overtime is equalized for all employees in the same physical office.