Like all Californians, we are deeply saddened by the destruction and loss of life that has followed in the wake of the Camp Fire. As we did for last year’s North Bay fires,  ESC Local 20 has established a GoFundMe account for direct peer-to-peer relief for members who have lost their homes.

Make a donation now. 

To date we are aware of six members who have been impacted in this way. If you know of an ESC member who has lost a home, please call our office at 510-238-8320 or e-mail

Solidarity goes deeper than workplace issues, and we encourage all members to make a contribution to assist these union brothers and sisters as they begin the work of recovery from these losses. You can make a donation to our ESC Local 20 Camp Fire Relief fund here100% of the funds collected will go directly to ESC Local 20 members.  

PG&E members also have the option of participating in the Vacation Sale for Camp Fire Relief, authorized by LOA 18-25-ESC, which converts donated vacation hours to cash that will be sent to the North Valley Community Foundation Camp Fire Relief Fund or the PSEA Emergency Assistance Fund. To donate, fill out an online form via PGE@Work For Me > About Me > My Time > My Vacation Sale.

On behalf of all ESC Local 20 members and staff, we also wish to express our gratitude to the first responders who are fighting the fire and tending to the impacted communities, which includes many members of our PG&E and health care units.