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This round of National Agreement negotiations is unique:

  • Previous staffing problems have become full-blown crisis since the pandemic
  • Facing record inflation

In the past 18 months, the last 4 rounds of negotiations between KP and non-coalition unions have resulted in strike notices or strikes. Last month, a majority of Coalition union members signed our Open Letter calling on KP to use the upcoming negotiations to solve the staffing crisis and we delivered them to KP management. No surprise, KP's response was practically non-existent; no real commitment given or action was taken Nationwide, 11 of the top 20 spenders on temporary contract laborers were California Kaiser Permanente Thrive hospitals. That’s hundreds of millions of dollars that could have been spent investing in their permanent workforce!

We have to get louder and stronger -- we need to show our faces, show we are more than just names or numbers on paper. This is just a step in our bigger plan to build the labor power we need for national bargaining.

Take a selfie or group photo to show we are together in calling on KP to invest in the frontline by March 31st!

  • Post on social media on break time or after work
  • Use #CoalitionStrong and #United4All in your post
  • Keep the message high road: this is about respect for frontline workers and quality care for patients
  • Fill out the media release form at the bottom of this email
  • Email your photos to: esc@nullifpte20.org

How to get a great in-person shot!

  • Show you are a healthcare worker (scrubs/uniform, in the workplace)
  • No patient-identifying information is visible
  • Clean your camera lens and use bright, natural light (no flash)
  • Avoid the “mug shot” look– straight on, white background, up against the wall
  • Look at the camera not your image on the screen Messed up, try again!

How to get a great virtual shot!

  • Download Zoom background below
  • Hide self-view and close the chat bar Maximize the virtual meeting window
  • Look at the camera not your image on the screen All cameras and virtual backgrounds are on (those without can go to a breakout room)
  • Add a virtual background:
    • Zoom: Settings menu>Backgrounds & Filters>Add your own image by clicking [+]>Upload the saved virtual background file>Select your new virtual background
    • Microsoft Teams: Background filters (below the video image)> Add new>Upload the saved virtual background file>Select your new virtual background
  • Take screenshot:
    • Mac: Press the Command, Shift, and 3 keys together
    • PC/Windows: Alt or Windows key + Print Screen (the image will save in the pictures folder)