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Tentative Agreement in Service Planning and GDPM&E Talks

After months of negotiations, various ESC committees met again with management on Dec 4, 5 and 6 when we reached a tentative agreement with management.  The Bargaining Committees worked hard every step of the way to minimize involuntary moves and protect our work. This agreement will now be considered for approval by the PG&E Unit Board of ESC and several Vice Presidents of PG&E Gas and Electric lines of business.  Here is a summary of the main points of the agreement:

  1. No layoffs for 24 months for affected classifications of Estimator, Sr. Estimator, ADE, NBR, SNBR, IPE, Permit Facilitator, Gas DE and Sr. DE.
  2. Moving Incentives of $20,000 for a commitment to move during 2018 and $10,000 to move during 2019. Locations are posted on the ESC website.

Electric and Gas Estimators and ADE’s Voluntary Incentives: Move to 15 Design Centers or to become NBR/SNBR’s there or at an additional 11 Customer Contact Centers.

Gas Estimators Voluntary Incentives: Move to 8 Gas Estimating locations.

Gas Distribution Engineers: 5 specified offers for journey DE’s and one Sr. DE.

Not all employees will qualify for the incentives; there will be more information on eligibility coming.

  1. Prevent Involuntary Relocations for 24 months for Estimators, ADE’s, Gas DE’s and Sr DE’s for 24 months. Very limited exceptions are allowed for office closure, shorter commute time, or certain moves within the same city (see website for list).
  2. New Business Rep (NBR) classification with pay equivalent to routine Estimator and exam-based promotion to SNBR. Incentive ($20/10K) for current impacted Estimators to become NBR or SNBR.
  3. Permit Facilitator (PF) classification with max pay equivalent to Lead Mapping Tech. Incentive ($20/10K) for current impacted Estimators to become PF with permanent pay range protection.
  4. RDO’s: Alternative Work Schedules (9×80 with Friday RDO) offered to Estimators in Design Centers and other locations.
  5. WRO work: Change jurisdiction on gas-only WRO jobs under $500,000 from SNBR to Gas DE.
  6. RMC/Local HQ: Eliminate the distinction between “RMC” and “Local HQ” in the ESC contract.  All offices where Estimators work will be considered Local HQ’s.  Effect on EOT or other areas to be discussed in an ongoing oversight committee.

PG&E plans to begin rolling out these changes in January 2018, and ESC will continue to provide more information.  ESC will host an informational call to discuss these changes more in detail and answer questions:

Call-in information: