Wow, when we asked you to show up to support our SEIU-UHW colleagues on a three-day sympathy strike you rallied! Kaiser is watching and sees how united we are. There are two more days of sympathy strike and picketing left and we need everyone’s participation and support.

Tomorrow we will have another opportunity to demonstrate our power and solidarity to Kaiser.  Please take a stand against Kaiser’s bad-faith bargaining and illegal behavior. Do not go to work. Participate in the sympathy strike. Let’s join together on the picket line and let our voices be a part of history. Together, we can foster an environment where every worker is treated with the dignity they rightfully deserve.

If you haven’t already, please take a moment to inform us where and when you can join the pickets so we can ensure every picket line has the necessary resources. Sign up today!

Let’s call on Kaiser to treat every worker with respect, cease these unfair labor practices,  engage in good-faith bargaining,  and address the staffing crisis that impacts us all.