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Tentative Locations List for Service Planning and GDPM&E Agreement: Dec 15, 2017

These are the locations currently under discussion between ESC and PG&E management.  Because the Letter of Agreement is not finalized or signed, changes could occur.  The final lists will be included in the signed Letter of Agreement.


Design Centers:

  1. Auburn*, New location established in 2018
  2. Bakersfield, 4101 Wible Rd
  3. Chico, 460 Rio Lindo Ave.
  4. Concord RMC, 1850 Gateway Blvd
  5. Eureka, 2555 Myrtle Ave.
  6. Fresno RMC, 8 River Park Place
  7. Merced*, 3185 M St and to a new location established in 2018.
  8. Redding*, 3600 Meadow View Dr.
  9. San Francisco, 2180 Harrison St.
  10. San Jose, 6402 Santa Teresa Blvd.
  11. San Luis Obispo, 4325 S. Higuera St
  12. Santa Rosa, 111 Stony Circle
  13. Stockton, 3136 Boeing Way
  14. Ukiah, 2641 N. State St.
  15. West Sacramento, 850 Stillwater Dr.

*Indicates Transitional location

Customer Contact Positions will be at the above Design Centers, as well as:

  1. Angels Camp, 1108 Murphys Grade Road
  2. Livermore, 998 Murrieta Blvd.
  3. Marysville, 29 4th
  4. Napa, 1850 Soscol Ave.
  5. Oakland, 4801 Oakport St.
  6. Placerville, 4636 Missouri Flat Road
  7. Salinas, 356 E Alisal St.
  8. San Carlos, 275 Industrial Ave.
  9. San Rafael, 1220 Anderson Dr.
  10. Santa Cruz, 615 7th
  11. San Jose (Cinnabar), 308 Stockton Avenue (subject to change)
  12. Santa Rosa, 3965 Occidental Rd

Gas Distribution Estimating Preferred Locations:

  1. Fresno, Exact Location is pending CRESS Review
  2. San Francisco, 2180 Harrison St.
  3. San Ramon Bishop Ranch, 6111 Bollinger Canyon Rd.
  4. West Sacramento, 850 Stillwater Rd.
  5. Modesto, 1524 N. Carpenter Rd
  6. Stockton, Boeing or West Lane TBD
  7. Santa Rosa, 3965 Occidental Rd.
  8. Fresno Service Center, 3580 East California Ave

Gas Distribution Engineer moves eligible for voluntary incentives:

  1. Bakersfield to Fresno
  2. Chico to West Sacramento
  3. Concord to San Ramon
  4. Cupertino to Oakland
  5. San Carlos to San Ramon.
  6. Gas DE: San Jose (Cinnabar) to the employee’s choice of Oakland, San Ramon, San Francisco or San Rafael.

Service Planning involuntary moves (ineligible for incentives):

  1. Concord Detroit Ave to Concord Gateway Blvd
  2. Fresno California St to Fresno River Park Place, possibly Clovis
  3. San Jose Cinnabar (Stockton Ave) to San Jose Edenvale (Santa Teresa Blvd)
  4. Santa Rosa Occidental to Santa Rosa Stony Circle

Other relocations are permitted if the new commute is getting shorter, or if the office is being closed.


Gas Ops involuntary moves (ineligible for incentives):

Company may relocate one Gas ADE, one Gas DE and one Gas Sr. DE from Hayward to San Ramon, as long as the commute of the affected employees is shorter than their current commute.

What if my office is not on the Design Center list? 

  • If current HQ is listed as Customer Contact Office: you will be offered incentives to move to other offices or change to NBR classification in your office.
  • If current HQ is not listed as Customer Contact Office: you will be offered incentives to move to other offices or change to NBR classification; however none of those options will be in your current office.

What if I don’t want to accept an incentive? 

There will be no layoffs or involuntary moves (other than those listed) for two years, so all members will have time to assess your options.

More information will be provided in the Letter of Agreement (still pending), ESC bulletins, conference calls, and other means.

Note: this entire agreement only applies to Estimators, ADE’s and a small number of Gas Distribution Engineers.  Mappers, Schedulers, Project Managers, etc. are entirely excluded.