As we are presently in the final bargaining session with Kaiser, it has become evident that Kaiser is seeking to portray a very different picture than what’s happening. It is imperative that we, as a united force, see through this attempt to sow division and stand resolute in our pursuit of a contract we all deserve. Let’s take a look at the record:


Fair Compensation:

The disparity between the nurse’s 6% raise and what Kaiser has proposed for Northern California (4%) is glaring. With inflation rising rapidly, the proposed tiered increase is not enough. After weathering a pandemic and continuing to support its aftermath, we deserve better.


Future Threats:

A tiered economic proposal sets a dangerous precedent for future negotiations. While our members may get the better part of the current deal, there is no guarantee that we won’t be on the other side in the future. Let’s not wait until it’s our region in jeopardy; we must act united to safeguard our collective interests.



Kaiser seeks to divide us as a Coalition by encouraging us to negotiate with ourselves. We must show them we are united.



Beyond insufficient pay, Kaiser is suggesting significant reductions to our benefits. For example, they not only aim to cut our PSP bonus to less than half of its current value, but they also plan to eliminate the crucial ‘Line of Sight’ element. This element is vital as it allows us to influence and contribute to PSP goals directly.



SEIU-UHW members play a pivotal role in helping us address the pressing staffing shortages. This is not just about numbers; it’s about the quality of care we provide.


Remember, we are 85,000+ strong, but Kaiser attempts to weaken us by sowing division. We will do everything we can to protect our rights, secure fair treatment, and demand the compensation we rightfully deserve.

In Unity – your Kaiser national bargaining team,


Connie Savoy

Joan Mah

Debbie Deveno

Kathleen Doerr

Sandra Pradonava

Francisco Preciado