Today ESC filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge against Kaiser. This charge was filed after managers threatened to subcontract bargaining unit work by filling all current Clinical Lab Scientist vacancies with travelers. The employer made these threats on the first day of our sympathy strike authorization vote. Kaiser’s threats and unilateral changes violate federal labor law. Kaiser’s decision to subcontract CLS jobs has far-reaching consequences for all of us.

The question we must all ask is if they’re targeting our largest group of workers now, who will they come after next? This move goes against the principles of partnership, blindsiding us by threatening to subcontract our work while refusing to respond to our requests to address the staffing crisis and invest in us, their dedicated workforce.

Furthermore, Kaiser’s stunning lack of respect towards its employees extends beyond our union to the larger Coalition. We cannot allow the employer to divide us. We must stand united, not only within ESC but also within the Coalition.

If Kaiser can afford to employ travelers who make much more than CLSs who work for Kaiser, surely it can afford to restore staffing levels and offer a wage proposal that keeps pace with inflation. We call on Kaiser to stop union busting and come back to the bargaining table with a counter-proposal that reflects the true value of our contributions.

If you witness or are subjected to threats please contact your labor representative. We stand united, resolute and committed to ensuring our rights are upheld.