See below the Union’s most recent updates regarding vacation and PWI.

Payout of excess vacation hours

Under Article 9.1(c)  of the ESC contract, members are entitled to payout of excess vacation hours under certain limited circumstances If you had excess hours on December 31st, you will need to establish there was an operational or personal reason for your failure to use the excess vacation in order to receive payment. For example, if you requested vacation and were denied for operational reasons, you may qualify for excess vacation hours payout. If you couldn’t take vacation because you were on medical leave, that may also qualify.

Management has reviewed all the excess vacation hours now to determine if individuals were entitled to payout. If you had excess hours in 2022 and did not receive a payout, please contact your union representative as soon as possible. Please be sure to include an explanation and include supporting documentation with the reason you were not able to use the excess vacation. The Union and management will be meeting soon to seek resolution of any disputes regarding excess vacation payments.

For more information on excess vacation, see the bulletin here.

Progressive Wage Increase (PWI)

The Union has received numerous reports from monthly paid members who did not receive adequate pay adjustments for their annual PWI. Members are strongly encouraged to review their wages and confirm that the appropriate PWI was applied. If you have questions, first, call the HR hotline, and if you are not satisfied with the company’s response, please contact your Union Representative by following the link below so they can get to the bottom of it.