Homeless Action Center Organizing Committee photo

Homeless Action Center Organizing Committee

Organizing a workplace is never easy. Organizing in a pandemic, like nearly everything else, has been especially challenging. Workers are limited in their ability to speak with coworkers. Yet, despite all of this, 371 new professionals voted to join ESC in 2020. 

Two of the latest groups to join ESC local 20 are the seventh and eighth legal service nonprofits to join ESC. Employees at Homeless Action Center provide free legal services to unhoused residents of Alameda County, and Disability Rights Advocates (DRA) represents people with disabilities and has a long history of protecting workers’ rights. DRA is the eighth legal service nonprofit to join ESC, the fourth in 2020.

Employees in these units include communications staff, organizers, paralegals, administrative staff, and attorneys.

Welcome to our newest ESC Local 20 members!