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PG&E Service Planning & Design (SP&D) Management intends to make significant changes to Service Planning. Management is citing increasing competitive threats and reduced load as some of the factors for the need for change. The Union has been through many such changes in the past (such as transformation) and has always attempted to protect members while improving PG&E – since the Company’s long-term viability is in members’ best interest.

Some of management’s desired changes require negotiations with the Union, and some may not. In order to provide transparency and inclusion the Union is using the Service Planning Ad Hoc committee as the forum to discuss management’s desires, with additional appointees to ensure strong ESC voices from the Bay & non-Bay, north and south, RMC and LH, rural and urban, Estimating and SNBR’s & IPE’s.

Please check this page frequently for the latest news on the talks and upcoming changes.


PG&E Service Planning & Design Update 6-28-2017 ESC Remains Committed to Protection of Members’ Careers, Income, Location Security as Service Planning Talks Continue

PG&E Service Planning & Design Update 6-23-2017

An Overview of Proposed Changes

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PG&E’s Proposal

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Fake Powerpoint About Service Planning

PG&E Service Planning & Design Update 2-13-17

 Update on ESC Involvement in PG&E Service Planning Improvement Project

PG&E Service Planning & Design Update 2-6-17

 Changes to Applicant Design and Potential Changes to Service Planning