To be considered for an Estimator position at PG&E through the Hiring Hall, PGE requires that you do pass the WOI, PTB and the TECH test. Once you have taken and pass these tests  they also require a Bachelors of Science degree or an AutoDESK certification in AutoCAD.

We are pleased to announce that the PG&E  required certification for AutoDESK for Gas and Electric Estimator positions is available here at for the “AutoCAD Certified User”. This website will enable you to study and then take the certification test (at your expense). Please note that it is the AutoDESK courses that you need to take in order for PG&E to accept the certification.  Once you have successfully received the AutoDESK certification please send a copy of the certification to Daniel O’Connell  at so that we can update your profile.

ESC and PG&E have also just approved an “FAQ” document answering questions about the minimum requirements for Estimators, which you can find here.  The FAQ sheet is also available from ESC Union reps and shop stewards as well as Estimating Supervisors and PG&E Labor Relations reps.