We are pleased to announce that testing for the “AutoCAD Certified User” is now available at ESC’s Ben Hudnall Hall in Oakland.  Tests will be given every second and fourth Thursday of each month. Members who want to take the exam should call our office at (510) 238-8320 to sign up for a time-slot. Please contact the office at the beginning of each testing month to reserve an exam slot for that month. Make sure you study in advance: there are many online courses available, for which you can be reimbursed up to $1,300 per our agreement with PG&E.  Find a list of courses here.

ESC and PG&E have also just approved an “FAQ” document answering questions about the minimum requirements for Estimators, which you can find here.  The FAQ sheet is also available from ESC Union reps and shop stewards as well as Estimating Supervisors and PG&E Labor Relations reps.