IFPTE Applauds President’s Latest Executive Order

International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers’ (IFPTE) executive officers applauded today’s Executive Order by President Biden establishing a White House Task Force on Worker Organizing and Empowerment.

IFPTE President Paul Shearon:

“IFPTE applauds President Biden for once again walking the walk by using his bully pulpit to promote and move policies that are geared toward increasing union membership here in the United States. This latest news of the creation of a White House Task Force dedicated toward empowering working Americans seeking to organize unions and collectively bargain will ensure that this will continue to be a front and center issue for years to come. As a union that prioritizes organizing, we here at IFPTE endorse this Executive Order and look forward to being a valued resource to the members of the Task Force.”

IFPTE Secretary-Treasurer Matt Biggs:

“The creation of this Task Force comes at a pivotal time for American workers, as the House has already passed The PRO Act, legislation to finally level the playing field for workers involved in organizing drives. President Biden has made very clear that passage of this bill is a priority for his Administration and has even included it as a part of his infrastructure plan that IFPTE has also endorsed. We expect that this news today will add a huge lift to labor’s effort to get The PRO Act passed in the Senate. IFPTE applauds President Biden for taking today’s historic action.”

The Task Force, whose mission is, “to mobilizing the federal government’s policies, programs, and practices to empower workers to organize and successfully bargain with their employers…”, will be chaired by Vice President Kamala Harris, Vice-Chaired by Labor Secretary Marty Walsh, and comprised of countless cabinet members and other agency heads.
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