Have you already received your vaccine? Share your vaccine photo with us! Send your photos to esc@nullifpte20.org with your name, employer, and job title.

First, we would like to give thanks and appreciate all of the ESC Local 20 healthcare professionals who have been working hard to provide high quality and compassionate care to patients amid the surges of COVID-19 cases in our communities throughout the pandemic.

Together, over this last year, we have fought tirelessly for proper PPE to protect you and your families. Now, we are encouraging all members and their families to embrace a new level of personal protection and get the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as you are able.

ESC Local 20 has engaged all of our health employers to ensure that our union members on the front lines are prioritized. A safe and healthy workforce is critical in the fight to control COVID-19. Please do not delay; get your vaccine as soon as possible.

Getting vaccinated is an act of solidarity, just like much of the work we do in our union. When you get a vaccination, you are not the only person who benefits: you ensure essential workers are there to deliver care and save lives, you are reducing the chance of overwhelming our hospitals, and preliminary scientific data suggest you are also likely slowing the spread of infection in our communities. Further, if you are inoculated, and friends or family members fall ill with COVID-19, you can better care for them since you probably will not get sick.

“We have supported each other from the beginning standing shoulder-to-shoulder and working night and day to deliver quality patient care. Now, with the hope that the vaccine brings, we must stay strong and see each other through to the other side.
Please, get your vaccine as soon as you are able.”

– Connie Savoy, Clinical Laboratory Scientist & Medical Professional Unit Board President

Thank you for all you do.

In Unity,

Joan Mah, Optometry Unit Executive Board Vice President
Connie Savoy, Medical Professional Unit Executive Board Vice President and Medical Professional Unit Board President
Deb Deveno, Optometry Unit Board President

ESC Local 20’s COVID-19 Resource Page Check here for information from your Union on COVID-19, including details on the newest laws applicable to workers.

MyTurn.ca.gov Use this statewide tool to determine if it’s your turn to get vaccinated and schedule vaccination appointments. If it isn’t your turn yet, you can register to be notified when you become eligible.