Kaiser has announced that they are agreeing to our demand for a Hero Bonus for all 85,000 members of the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions across the country! In recent months, we have been mobilizing through our unions and speaking out powerfully in our workplaces, in the press, and on social media for the Hero Bonus. We talked about how we have been risking our lives and the lives of our families during the pandemic to provide quality, compassionate care to our patients, and we’ve earned this bonus.

All our activism has been successful. Kaiser has stated that they will pay out our PSP bonus as though we have achieved at least 100% performance of all our PSP goals, for all members. This means we will not have to meet attendance or other performance goals or reach a financial gate to get our full PSP. Unlike previous years, every member will get the full payout in recognition of our work through the pandemic.

In another major win, Kaiser also said they are extending our COVID-19 paid leave benefits through March 31 and our childcare grants through April 3. The bonus and extended benefits will help retain staff for safe, quality care.

We want to acknowledge Kaiser for doing the right thing by recognizing our courage, commitment, hard work, and sacrifices. Kaiser is once again leading the way with what is likely the largest such bonus in the entire U.S. healthcare industry, and we hope our victory is precedent-setting for other workers.