PG&E has changed its policy on notifying employees about potential COVID exposures to comply with a new state law. PG&E is erring on the side of caution, and is notifying any employee who is assigned to an HQ where an employee has tested positive. This means that you could receive a notification, even though you have been working at home and haven’t been to your office in weeks or months.  If that’s the case, you don’t have to be concerned. You should only be concerned if you were physically present at the worksite on the same day as the person who tested positive.  

PG&E will contact you directly if their contact tracing determines that you had close contact with the COVID-positive person.  

If you were not contacted by PG&E, but you got a notice and you were present in the building on the same day as a COVID-positive person, that is probably because your name did not come up in their contact tracing (i.e. HR asking the COVID-positive person who they had close contact with).  

If you are concerned, call the PG&E HR help line, 415-973-HELP and you can go through all the contacts you had while you were at the office.  

If it is determined that you had close contact with a COVID-positive person, HR can assist you with getting tested at the right date. Most ESC members can continue to work while isolating at home, although if you are not able to work then you may be eligible for Time Off With Permission With Pay (TOWPWP).