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ESC Local 20 Bargaining Team: Jennifer Blandino, Hiru Motreja, Hayat Haddad, Chelsea Henderson, Lisa Spears, David Dodds, Andrea Cronin, Nicole Dominguez, Jyoti Hans-Brar

Bargaining Update: Informational Picket:
Monday, July 29 from 2pm to 4pm
Good Samaritan Hospital 2425 Samaritan Dr., San Jose

Bargaining Update: Stand up for patient care & a fair contract: Join us July 29 from 2-4pm at Good Sam Hospital

Bargaining Update: HCA Says 1% for Patient Care Providers, $400 Million for CEO

Bargaining Update: HCA Silent on Key Issues that Would Improve Patient Care

Bargaining Update: HCA Negotiations Kickoff with Strong Member Support

Bargaining Update: Bargaining Survey Results In, Priorities Set, & Bargaining Team Elected– Are You Ready?

2019 Bargaining Begins: Welcome Letter


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See below the Union’s most recent updates regarding vacation and PWI.

Payout of excess vacation hours

Under Article 9.1(c)  of the ESC contract, members are entitled to payout of excess vacation hours under certain limited circumstances If you had excess hours on December 31st, you will need to establish there was an operational or personal reason for your failure to use the excess vacation in order to receive payment. For example, if you requested vacation and were denied for operational reasons, you may qualify for excess vacation hours payout. If you couldn’t take vacation because you were on medical leave, that may also qualify.

Management has reviewed all the excess vacation hours now to determine if individuals were entitled to payout. If you had excess hours in 2022 and did not receive a payout, please contact your union representative as soon as possible. Please be sure to include an explanation and include supporting documentation with the reason you were not able to use the excess vacation. The Union and management will be meeting soon to seek resolution of any disputes regarding excess vacation payments.

For more information on excess vacation, see the bulletin here.

Progressive Wage Increase (PWI)

The Union has received numerous reports from monthly paid members who did not receive adequate pay adjustments for their annual PWI. Members are strongly encouraged to review their wages and confirm that the appropriate PWI was applied. If you have questions, first, call the HR hotline, and if you are not satisfied with the company’s response, please contact your Union Representative by following the link below so they can get to the bottom of it.



This bulletin is regarding the working conditions and compensation of hourly paid members.


As the end of the year approaches, it’s that time again to make the most of your accrued vacation days. Our contract provides that on the first day of the year, we are limited to two years of vacation allotment accumulation. Vacation time that exceeds a two-year allotment may not be paid if members have been told to utilize their vacation balances, were given the opportunity to take vacation, and chose not to do so.


Throughout the past year, our union has tirelessly advocated to address the staffing crisis, increase wages, for better working conditions, and a Labor Management Partnership we can depend on. And guess what? We won!


We did it! ESC voted to ratify the historic national agreement and ESC’s four local agreements.  We are pleased to share the final vote tallies, which reflect overwhelming support for the strong contracts we were able to negotiate with our Union’s collective power. See the vote results below.



Recent vacancies for the Offices of MPU Treasurer and for Districts 1 and 5 have created the need for a special election. Therefore, in accordance with the Medical Professional Unit Constitution of ESC/IFPTE Local 20, nominations are sought to fill the unexpired portion of their two-year term.


Get ready to cast your vote to approve our new contract! Over the last year, our union has fought for real wage improvements, real solutions to the staffing crisis, protections for remote workers and retirees, and a more robust Labor Management Partnership. Our collective efforts have resulted in a historical tentative agreement but it will not officially become our contract unless a majority votes to accept (or “ratify”) the deal.  Let’s unite to vote yes and seal the deal!


Following are important details on the tentative agreement and how you can participate in the vote. Please read to the end of this message so you don’t miss any critical information.

Together, we protected the strongest contracts in the healthcare industry by securing:

  • Across the Board raises: 6% in October 2023; 5% in October 2024; 5% in October 2025; and 5% in October 2026 – the largest raise package in the history of the Kaiser Labor/Management Partnership
  • Ratification bonus of $1,500 for each worker if the contract is ratified
  • No takeaways or changes to our local agreements

Please review the important materials that have been posted on the Tentative Agreement page of our website.

How You Can Vote

The ratification vote will take place electronically using a secured voting system called Election Buddy.

A ballot will be emailed to your personal email by 12pm on Monday, October 23rd. You have until 5pm Wednesday, November 1st to cast your vote. Any ballot received after that time will not be counted.

The ballot will come from “Election” Please add to your contact list to reduce the possibility that  the email will be marked as spam. If you do not receive an email by October 23rd check your spam and/or promotions folders. If it is not in your spam or promotions folders, contact the union at  In the subject line of your email, type NEED BALLOT.  In the body of the email, type your name and email address. A ballot will be sent to your email.

You can only vote once. Your voting choice is confidential, and nobody can see it.

Your negotiating teams strongly recommend a YES vote to ratify your local agreements for Laboratory, Optometry, Genetics, and Home Health Therapy and the National Agreement with the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions.