June 3, 2021

Dear APCs:

ESC Local 20 met with Sutter at a federally mediated session on June 2, 2021.

First, we had the opportunity to ask about the hiring freeze. Sutter informed us that there is no hiring freeze for clinical staff. However, it is no longer a local decision to hire APCs. That means that management now has to make their case for the need to fill an open APC position, but the change is not intended to freeze the hiring of APCs.

Secondly, we did not receive a counter from Sutter to our May 5, 2021 wage and financial compensation proposal. That means that Sutter is maintaining their proposal that includes a wage reopener if AB 650 becomes law.  ESC is concerned that with this proposal, Sutter is trying to sidestep the spirit of the AB 650 legislation aiming to retain clinicians and healthcare providers in California.

Many of you are upset about this proposal, and we need to make it known how Sutter’s proposal is attempting to circumvent AB 650. We are planning opportunities for you to contact legislators to explain how Sutter intends to undermine their public safety goals and efforts to retain clinical staff in California.

More information about AB 650. 

We are scheduled to meet again on June 16. Hopefully, we will receive a formal proposal from Sutter that does not include changes to wages as a result of AB 650 and maintain wages competitive with the market needed to attract and retain qualified APCs.

Thank you for your continued support, communication, and attentiveness.


Your Bargaining Team

Adolfo, Debbie, and Scott






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