February 28, 2022

Dear WIC APCs,

We are writing to update you on the progress we made in bargaining for the NLRB mandated remedy and for your contract.

PUIs – We informed Sutter that we have some remaining issues which include; Signage, HEPA filters for the PUI Rooms, HEPA filter ventilation systems, PUI visits to have 30 minutes slots instead of 20 minutes slots and workflow issues.  In terms of the HEPA filters and HEPA ventilation, Sutter has agreed to send engineers to each site to test the ventilations systems and to measure the air exchange rate for COVID particulates.  Also, we have provided Sutter images of some of the signs outside the clinics.  The workflow issues and HEPA filters for each PUI room will be assessed by infection control and Jeffrey Silvers, M.D., Medical Director of System Pharmacy and Infection Control. Their input is key to ensure a safe work environment for all. 

Contract Negotiations – The Chief negotiator for Sutter is still trying to familiarize himself with the status of bargaining.  We are making sure we are all on the same page about the proposals that need attention.  However, we were able to reach TAs on the following items: tuition reimbursement, seniority and bereavement leave.  We will be posting the TAs on our website, so please make sure you go to the website to review the TAs.  We are close to reaching a TA on malpractice insurance, but we still need some clarity about the “coattail” coverage. 

Water Filtration Systems – We discussed replacement of a similar filtration system in order for Sutter to fulfill the settlement over our water. However, Sutter is only offering Britas pitchers or faucet attached filters.  We informed Sutter that the Britas are not similar to the filtration system we had before.  We are looking to have a stand-alone filtered water dispenser that will be similar to what we had before.

We will continue to bargain with Sutter over all these items and we are hopeful that we will reach agreements that will be acceptable to all. 

Thanks for your continued support during this process.

Your Bargaining Committee






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