May 26, 2022

Dear WIC APCs,


We are thrilled to announce that WIC APCs have voted 17-1 to accept Sutter’s offer to settle all outstanding unfair labor practice charges pending at the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”), putting to rest a potentially lengthy and difficult NLRB case! We want to express our sincere thanks to everyone who held the line and insisted on holding Sutter accountable for its egregious anti-worker actions that have upended your lives over the last six months.  

This settlement agreement provides retroactive raises to July 2021 AND the same raises in 2022 that non-union APCs will receive! Additionally, until our contract is finalized, we will receive the same medical, vision, dental and disability benefits as management employees. After our emergency meeting last week, we were also able to add an additional 3% interest payment in lieu of pension contributions and a procedure whereby within 30 days of settlement, APCs can request to reduce FTE status. Management has up to 180 days to accommodate the change.


The settlement allows us to decide whether to reopen for holidays, meaning clinics are open on holidays for 6 hours but APCs who work will be paid for 8 hours, or to continue the current practice of closing the clinics on holidays and using PTO to cover the pay. We will continue to negotiate about this issue at the bargaining table, but for now, we are pleased to have a choice until the parties reach agreement on how to address this issue in the longer term.


The settlement outlines recall rights for APCs who left Sutter after the change in clinic hours. If there are any openings in the next 12 months, they will be offered in order of seniority to those APCs. And, WIC APCs who left employment with Sutter after November 1st, 2021, will receive a $2,000 lump sum bonus.


We are still moving forward with bargaining our new contract. The settlement only addresses wages for 2021 and 2022, so we will continue to negotiate our 2023 raises (and beyond), as well as future working conditions and benefits.


As you may remember, scheduling bargaining sessions has been a considerable challenge due to Sutter’s insistence that we only bargain off-work hours. Sutter has agreed to some scheduling options that will hopefully resolve this issue. We hope this flexibility will allow us to schedule more frequent bargaining sessions so we can finish our contract quickly.

We want to thank everyone who attended our emergency meeting to discuss and provide feedback on this settlement offer. We are confident that we have shown Sutter our solidarity for a fair and rewarding contract!

In unity,

Your Bargaining Committee:

Melissa Slalski

Aphrodite Roberts

Kellie Ralph

Kamaljit Kaur

Vickie Perez

Brooke Merrin

Wei-Ling Huber

Adolfo Riedel






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